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TOPIC atoz
Field of Dreams Crew Tape 81
VHS 81
set-up 81
Iowa 80
crew 70
-Iowa - Dubuque County 59
Dubuque County 59
1989 58
Epworth 57
Western Dubuque High School 57
high school 48
gym 35
extras 25
1988 24
talking 23
-Iowa - Field of Dreams 20
Field of Dreams 20
hallway 17
lights 17
waiting 16
set up 15
equipment 14
Bill Elvin 13
John Lindley 13
shooting 13
Kevin Costner 12
Field of Dreams house 11
camera 11
Phil Robbinson 10
field 10
Funny or Die Video Archive 9
Kim Kono 8
Phil Robinson 8
crowd 8
Frank Byrne 7
Ken Ferris 7
man 7
Ghost Players 6
corn 6
interview 6
jib 6
Brian Frankis 5
Dennis Gassner 5
McGinty podcast 5
cables 5
night 5
sunset 5
walking 5
Dwier Brown 4
joke 4
line 4
outside 4
set 4
standing 4
up 4
van 4
@mikemcgintyface on twitter 3
Blog management 3
Doug DuRose 3
Frank Whaley 3
Guest posting service 3
Has the show been good so far 3
How to set up a blog 3
Jan Evans 3
Keyword research 3
Ray Liotta 3
Robby Knot 3
building 3
chairs 3
funny 3
playing baseball 3
trackor 3
woman 3
" white boys" 2
25 anniversary of Jessie Spano's caffeine pill meltdown 2
47 minutes in already? 2
6 death sentences? 2
9/11 video game 2
ANP sm. Gym set up 2
Africa and the middle east 2
Afro off 2
All Night Party Gym Set up 2
All are welcome on my show 2
All asses are welcome ( mostly ) 2
Another Awolnation song for break 2
Another awolnation song for the outro 2
Ariana Grande Vs. the skinny shamers on Instagram 2
Ariana Grande has nice eyes and is indirectly responsible for my most successful show 2
Audio slows during my Journey bit 2
Authentic Halloween costumes don't make one a racist 2
Bad idea for a mayor 2
Be responsible media 2
Ben Carson the creationist 2
Bernie Sander's wants to end federal laws against marijuana 2
Black on white hate crimes 2
Black sports online? 2
Bob Tuskin 2
Boston bomber apologizes 2
Brian Frankish 2
Chuck Hoyes 2
Closing down periscope and getting ready for videos 2
Cougars and the age double standard 2
Couples that have the one celebrity they can sleep with 2
Craig Schaefer 2
Creep was asking girl if she was going to be home alone of Halloween 2
Culture phenomenon in it's douchiness 2
Dark humor 2
Dealing with adversity as a white person 2
Do I dance like a gay guy? 2
Does anybody use e mail anymore? 2
Doing just an audio show? 2
E mail is antiquated at this point 2
Fat Chris Christie 2
Fat Chris Christie officially running for president 2
Flashing my boobs for periscope 2
Free market capitalist constitutionalist 2
Funny line in the story 2
Gaby Hoffmann 2
Gay parade in turkey 2
Gay porn boxer lied about being drugged 2
Gay porn boxer update 2
Gay sex 2
Get back to the stories asshole 2
Gimp suit 2
Gym teacher recording 14 year old girl changing 2
Gym teacher story 2
Halloween 2
He cites many poor examples that have nothing to do with the white privilege myth 2
He deleted the video but had a still photo 2
He does enjoy all theses gay sex acts that I graphically list 2
He tries to say if white privilege doesn't exist then racism doesn't exist 2
He was dragged kicking and screaming out of the closet 2
How much time needs to pass until things like that are okay 2
I am a Taylor Swift fan 2
I am happy with the periscope show thus far 2
I assume he was conscious during the scene 2
I can make myself levitate when sitting native American style 2
I can play this song because I have a chance to set it up 2
I can wobble 2
I can't compete with sail 2
I come off like a fool at times 2
I could go all day 2
I didn't give a fuck about being live this week 2
I didn't watch the video 2
I do not support the criminal element 2
I don't 2
I don't give a fuck what people think 2
I don't have much time left for this show 2
I don't mind pubic hair every so often 2
I don't understand periscope viewership 2
I don't want to be a gimp 2
I fuck up speaking AGAIN 2
I get some shit wrong in this story 2
I got a hair cut 2
I have a masturbation story!! 2
I have never had an issue with a black person 2
I have zero privilege 2
I like mixed genres and off beat weirdness in music 2
I look like 1993 Howard Stern 2
I look like I may have a stroke 2
I lost my train of thought 2
I may strip down and wobble now 2
I need a new method for my sound clips 2
I realize I was wrong about the politician 2
I shave down 2
I start whoing like an owl for some reason 2
I support aliens 2
I support it 2
I support the black community 2
I support you 2
I swear too much 2
I want to be part of black sports online with my levitating 2
I was right! 2
I wonder if he was dressed up 2
I would like to do the show daily 2
I wouldn't enjoy a hairy ass 2
I'll @mention the fuck 2
I'll debate him 2
I'm a naturally hairy fuck 2
I'm annoying myself with the set -up 2
I'm black 2
I'm digging the warm weather 2
I'm going to ignore periscope 2
I'm not an ideologue 2
I'm not into it 2
I'm putting my afro on 2
I'm putting the Afro back on 2
I'm sexually permissive 2
I'm sweating 2
If you don't know the situation shut the fuck up 2
Insulting the ad 2
It doesn't need to be racially divisive 2
It is shitty to do 2
It should be a level playing field 2
It's not looking good for Christie or Paul 2
It's social economics not racial 2
James Earl Jones 2
Jared Fogel audio discussion 2
Jazzed up in the fucking morning 2
up-solid down-solid